Process Partner for
Liquids & Solids Handling

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Project Management

Whatever equipment you need, LP-TECH is your process partner for dry substances and liquids handling.

Conveying Expertise
  • Pneumatic Conveying is our core activity and we are world leaders in this technology.

  • Expertise, enhanced by the ability to specify the most suitable technique for your process.

  • Wide experience in complimentary processes such as batching, weighing, storage and grinding.

Processing Capability

  • The LP-TECH process team are expert at designing and building automated systems for integrated conveying and processing plant, using HMI or PLC based control systems.

  • An independent, unbiased approach to process equipment selection, with recommendations based primarily on fitness for purpose, allows us to select the most suitable equipment every time.
LP-TECH "Know-How"
  • We design and build automated materials handling and processing systems. Part of our expertise is building systems – not sub-contracting them.

  • Our Clients expertise is in the process – manufacturing food products. We work closely with you to combine our knowledge, and your experience to provide a first class solution to meet your specific needs. Frequently, equipment is specified by our clients – mixer etc… - and as we do not manufacture any process equipment we are totally unbiased on selection if we are asked to source components. Our primary recommendations are purely based on fitness for purpose, not cost

  First Class Project Management
  • Experienced, committed project teams with a track record of completing projects to specification, on time and within budget.

  • Project Partnership – an interactive, flexible approach which maximises LP-TECH/Client plant and process experience, for optimum performance.

  • Our documentation procedures are neither too complex and swamp the project in paperwork, nor provide insufficient control for larger scale projects. Our systems are designed so that they are right for the specific project, be it large or small, and are run along ISO guidelines.

  • We do not have a separate buying organisation.

  • We do not have separate divisions for all the engineering disciplines.

  • We simply have the people and the skills to carry out the task professionally.

  • We do not put our Engineers in boxes. Each project is headed by a dedicated Project Manager supported by a team of Project Engineers and designers, backed by specialist Engineers as necessary. Besides technical expertise, we have a flexible constructive attitude towards plant construction.

We offer

  • Turnkey projects
  • Single Point Project Management along ISO standards
  • DSEAR/ATEX compliant systems – fully certified
  • CE certified installations
  • Hygienic designs along EHEDG guidelines
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